The Biology lab of the school caters to classes IX to XII. The spacious and well-ventilated lab can accommodate 10-15 students at a time. There are 10 compound microscopes with illuminations and the same number of dissection microscopes. There is provision for storing all the chemicals needed for practicals as well as space for test tubes, slides cover slips, beakers, flasks and so on.

The various models and life size skeletons along with a large number of charts and ready made OHP transparencies make the lab a centre of learning for students. The well-equipped Biotech lab caters to the practicals and project work of classes XI and XII. It has an autoclave, a refrigerator, an incubator chamber and a deep freeze. The steel laminar flow hood carries out all culture work in a sterile environment. Spectrophotometer, trans- illuminator, all essential kits, electrophoresis apparatus, microscopes and auto pipettes are available to the students.

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